The Maple Monster

The Maple Monster

The Maple Monster contains everything maple you could imagine and is perfect for an office, family reunion or any other large gathering. It even comes in a reusable wooden crate! The Monster contains a quart of Jed's Pure VT Maple Syrup in tin, a one pound bag of Lowell Mountain Mills Pancake Mix, an 8 oz. jar of of Jed's Pure VT Maple Cream, an 8 oz. box of Jed's Pure VT Maple Candy, 16 oz. of jar of Jed's NEK Maple Barbeque & Grilling Relish, a jar of Jed's NEK Spicy Maple Mustard, two Jed's Maple Shakers (one each of Maple Sugar and Maple Sugar & Cinnamon), a tub of our famous Maple Cotton Candy, a tub of Maple Kettle Corn, a 25 piece bag of Maple Taffy, a 20 piece bag of Maple Blend Hard Candy, a 4 oz. bag of Maple Jelly Beans and a bag of Maple Coffee!


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