Why buy Certified Organic Maple Syrup?

You might be saying to yourself — "Isn't all maple syrup organic?" The answer, amazingly, is no! Most maple syrup producers use a synthetic defoamer when processing the sap into syrup. They may also use pesticides or insecticides in the woods. We don't and here are just a few reasons why we think you should make sure your maple syrup is certified organic:
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Better for the Planet:
Nature works best when balanced by nature. We tap wild maple trees in their home. There should be no need to introduce pesticides and herbicides if the woods are healthy.
Better for the Woods:
We don't believe in a monoculture sugar orchard... our woods management planning includes tree species diversity, supporting a larger number of wild birds and animals, better protecting our maple trees from unwanted insects. Nature has a great way of taking care of itself when left in balance.
Better for You:
We promise you — no synthetic defoamer is used when we boil maple sap into syrup (we use organic safflower oil, with no known allergic reactions). We believe people are exposed to enough chemicals already — so why add another?

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