Maple Kielbasa or Pepperoni Appetizers

sent in by Judy Conners, Richmond, VT


This is one of my most popular appetizers at any party and they are so easy to make it’s easy on the cook.

Cut your Kielbasa or Pepperoni into 1/4 inch thick nickel slices (crosswise -- not lengthwise) and put into a pan. The amount you use depends totally on the number of people you are going to serve. WARNING -- these go fast and people love them -- so plan on at least 6 slices per person.

Cover with maple syrup and simmer at a slow boil for a minimum of 1/2 an hour. The fat will all boil out and you will be left with a wonderful chewy spicy bite! Serve with toothpicks and make sure you warn people that they are “extremely Hot.” They can be served in a crock pot or fondue pot to keep them hot for a very long time -- but they usually don’t last long enough to warrant it!

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