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Jed's Maple Dill Glazed Salmon

Salmon Fillet, approx. 1/2" thick
Jed's Maple Dill Dressing

Note: These directions work best on a non-stick pan

Pan Fry salmon fillet as normal, turning once to assure the fillet is cooking thoroughly. When the salmon is almost finished, splash enough Jed's Maple Dill Dressing to cover the top of the salmon. Use the back of a spoon to spread the dressing evenly over the fillet, and then flip the fillet. Apply a splash of Jed's Maple Dill Dressing to the exposed side of salmon, and spoon spread as before. Flip the salmon and allow to sear for one minute. Remove the finished salmon.

[The next step should only take one to two minutes] Pour another ounce or so of Jed's Maple Dill Dressing into the empty pan and use a non-stick spatula to move the dressing around the pan, trying to work the seared remains off the bottom of the pan. Work the thickening sauce into one corner of the pan to keep the thickening process going without burning the pan. Pour this sauce over the salmon and serve.

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